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Quality Timber Products for all your trade and home needs. A community product supporting adults with learning difficulties.

Who We Are

EW Timber is a community support organisation owned by the Swindon Borough Council. We are committed to providing supported employment and learning work opportunities to adults with learning difficulties throughout Swindon. 

We offer opportunities to experience EW and help to equip individuals with the right skills and knowledge so that they are able to engage in gainful work with external employers going forward

Based in Swindon on our own property, we welcome all trade professionals and individuals to purchase a range of timber products. Some of our most popular products include all timber sheds, fencing, and wooden posts. All wood from EW is pressure treated to extend the life cycle and is FSC approved.


Supported employment and learning work opportunities for adults with learning difficulties.


All wood from EW is pressure treated to extend the life cycle and is FSC approved.


Owned by Swindon Borough Council, all revenues & profits are reinvested back into EW Timber.

Our Products


Be it a new or old house, fences never go out of style. Refreshing or replacing a fence is a practical, affordable and aesthetically pleasing project to refresh your home and garden.
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Concrete Products

Found everywhere, concrete is the basic material to build and is a simple mixture of cement, water and different coarse aggregates. Concretes have a variety of uses and can be applied just about anywhere.
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Garden Accessories

There are many uses for sustainable wood and timber other than fencing, that are benches, bin storage cupboards and more.
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Garden Gates

A normal security measure, gates provide the necessary protection and security for most properties. Gates come in different sizes, shapes and even compositions.
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Fencing Panels

Fencing is an important part of your property boundary and also adds a layer of privacy from neighbours. Fence maintenance or fencing replacement is a part of property maintenance.
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A wooden storage solution for the garden. Made from high-quality timber that is pressure treated to provide a longer-lasting lifecycle, all timber is Forest Stewardship Council certified
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Timber decking is sleek and sophisticated and adds a luxurious finishing touch to a garden area. Decking is also a great entertainment area and offers a relaxing chill out area.
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Coming soon

Be sure to keep an eye out for new and exciting timber trade developments.
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